Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap

Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap


The easy way to capture swarms and you don’t even have to be in the bee yard!

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Swarm Trap – Wood Pulp

The easy way to capture swarms and you don’t even have to be in the bee yard! Made of a molded fiber material which is water resistant. Swarm traps are extremely effective in attracting and capturing swarms. What make is water resistant? The extraordinary pressure used in the manufacturing is to blame. There is also a natural water resistant ingredient added to the fiber just before molding. This type of swarm trap is also known as a “cone swarm trap”.

The Cone Style Trap is a large “flower pot” style container that is made from wood pulp.  Set the trap high up in a tree 8 to 10 foot off the ground.  You should also use Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure to bait your hive. Swarm Commander will give you the edge as you try to capture feral colonies.  The bees will enter through the hole at the end of the bucket and once you are ready to remove, the bucket detaches from the base.  With this style trap, you want to check frequently as the captured swarm will create a seal between the bucket and the base and begin to draw out comb.

Why Trap Swarms?

Capturing honeybee swarms is not only fun but can save you money. The cost of honeybees has risen over the years since 2007 due to colony collapse disorder and there’s no knowing if the prices will stabilize or continue to increase. Many of the “feral colonies” that choose the place they want to live in doing much better than bees placed into a hive without their consent. This is a phenomenon that is only beginning to be realized. Capturing swarms with a swarm trap, whether pulp or standard wood, ensures that you are capturing bees that want to live in the trap you set. This can be great for beekeepers with a couple years under their belts.

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