Plastic Queen Grafting Tool For Honeybee Queen Rearing

Plastic Queen Grafting Tool For Honeybee Queen Rearing


This plastic and bamboo queen grafting tool is perfect for helping you graft your own queen helping you save money! Great quality and very reliable.

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Plastic & Bamboo Queen Grafting Tool

After many requests, here it is. The Chinese grafting tool is one of the easiest and widely used queen grafting tools in beekeeping . The thin plastic tip slides up and under larvae and releases them when the spring loaded end is pushed.

The egg simply glides off the bamboo tip easily and smoothly.

Grafting your own queen with our plastic queen grafting tool isn’t difficult and you will quickly see that grafting your own queens is much easier than you expected.

Practice makes perfect. Simply pull a frame of eggs in from your hive. Bring them inside and find an area where you can concentrate. Make sure the area is well lighted. We recommend even having a lighted magnification hood that can be found on ebay inexpensively. This hood will allow you to see down into the cell and identify which eggs should be harvested.

It make take a few time with the plastic queen grafting tool to “get the hang of it” but you will get it and soon be on the way to grafting your own queens and reaping the satisfaction from doing so.


Make sure the bamboo tip is softened prior to grafting by wetting it with warm water. This makes the tip more flexible and easier to get under the egg.



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