Save Bees Florida On The Job!

Patrick Gaudin of performs yet another flawless removal. Patrick opened up an exterior wall in an apartment complex to find that a new swarm had just arrived. Patrick used his skills to access the situation an form a plan to complete the job in a professional and safe manner.

Patrick neatly cut open the bee infested area an located the newly formed swarm of honey bees deep inside the floor joist tunnel. Realizing that the honeybees were a bit too far back in the floor joist, Patrick used Honey-B-Gone Bee Repellent to drive the bees from the void toward the opening he cut.

Patrick understanding the nature of bees, used the “forced abscond” method with the Honey-B-Gone product. What the video below and see how a true honey bee removal expert does the job correctly!


About Save Bees Florida

As we all know, honeybees are experiencing a rough time due to what’s known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).  This phenomenon not only threatens the honeybees, it also threatens a good portion of the food supply we as humans now enjoy.  My service prides itself in not killing the colony with poisons, but instead, I remove the colony and relocate them to a place where they can survive and thrive.  Whether it’s a simple swarm that has just arrived or if it’s an established colony that’s been around for years, I will safely remove honeybees in order to protect both them and us. Also sells high quality Top Bar Beehives

Do you need honey bee removal in Lakeland Florida? Give Patrick Gaudin of a call at 904-424-6662. He will take care of your honey bee removal needs professional and affordably. Check out this comment on a recent bee removal he was hired to perform:

“Thanks so much for coming. Your professionalism in the job and knowledge of your craft made this afternoon memorable and enjoyable for my family. I’ll have a great “what I did this summer” story for the first day of school, too! Hopefully I can send some more happy hives your way. I’ll spread the word.  Take care and keep us posted.”



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